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Christmas Gift Time

That’s a tricky choice for me. xD I am tied between Adam Levine and Jeremy Renner.

For Christmas, I’m spending the morning with my mom and brother opening presents and just spending time together. Then he and I are going to our dads for the afternoon and the new tradition with my dad is a movie on Christmas day so we go to the theater after presents.


This is my first year, therefore first Christmas on tumblr. To celebrate: everyone who reblogs this DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE will get a short story messaged to them about how they would meet their celebrity crush at Christmas.

Just reblog from THE SOURCE, add the name of the celebrity you want it to be and quickly what you’re doing for Christmas this year. Each story will be unique.

Merry Christmas!


Went and saw Batman the Dark Knight Rises tonight. AMAZING movie!!!!!!!!!!! Perfectly done, and better then the previews lead you to believe. Gonna go see it again!!!

The Bourne Legacy had a preview and I fan girled quite a bit and spoke along with it. I was the only one to geek out over it sadly. No other Jeremy fans in the theater… :( But can’t wait for it to come out, though no midnight showing here. Oh well, still gonna see the first showing available! Can’t WAIT!

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